A Gift for Laurie by Donald Zolan 1994

A Gift for Laurie It's finally Christmas morning, I've waited for a year. I got up very early And hurried right down here. I didn't eat my breakfast, I didn't change my clothes. I didn't put my slippers on So you can see my toes. I have this great big present, It wiggles on my knees. I pull the bow and hold on tight. Will you help me, please? I wonder what's inside the box? It could be anything: A book or dress or baby doll That I can teach to sing. See the ribbon in my hair? It's satiny and white. I think I may have 20 bows To wear by Christmas night. -- This is a framed miniature Lithograph numbered A2273 issured for the Zolan Society members only 1994. Colector price $49.95. Size 8.5 by 6.5 inches. Lithograph -- Pemberton & Oakes

A Gift for Laurie by Donald Zolan 1994
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