Christmas Memories collection Finishing Touches Janice Tanton

Christmas Memories collection, -Finishing Touches- by Janice Tanton. Second issue in this series. Bradford Exchange, 1993. Plate size approx. 8.5 inches. Suggested retail $50.00.

All is in readiness. Some of the children have hitched the horse to the sleigh and are giving him a drink of water before he starts his part of the Christmas Eve ritual: pulling Mom and Dad as they deliver a sleigh full of gifts to friends. The rest of the youngsters are proudly putting the finishing touches on a jolly, carefully decorated snowman. The lovely old gingerbread-trimmed house is beautifully decorated and aglow with light, as if it, too, is extending a welcome to friends and family. Indeed, we can almost feel the excitement in the air as the celebration of Christmas Eve begins.

In -Finishing Touches,- artist Janice Tanton creates a warmly nostalgic vision of Christmas in the country years ago. The handsome old house, large barn and graceful, snow-laden evergreens all seem to join the grinning snowman in ushering in another wonderful holiday.

With meticulous detail and an obvious fondness for her subject, Ms. Tanton creates a tableau that is invitingly realistic. Wouldn't it be nice to stroll up the snowy walk and pay a pleasant Christmas Eve visit?

The creation of the fine collector's plate you have just acquired and whose authenticity is certified by this document is the result of work by an international cadre of skilled artisans. After the plate art was created in the United States, a fine ceramic transfer, incorporating pigments carefully chosen to faithfully re-create the vibrant beauty of the artist's original, was created in France and Germany and permanently fired into the fine Japanese porcelain plate body at more than 1,460° Fahrenheit by talented craftsmen and craftswomen in the United States.
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