Easter Morning by Donald Zolan (Canvas Transfer)

This is to certify that the Donald Zolan "Easter Morning" canvas transfer with the number 1322A is the only "Easter Morning" canvas transfer with this number; that it has been certified by the maker to meet all the quality standards set for the canvas transfer by the artist, Donald Zolan, and by his home gallery,Pemberton & Oakes; that the art has been approved for sharpness of detail, density and balance of colors, precision of placement, freedom from flaws, and fidelity to the artist's original; that the frame has been approved for size, shape, symmetry and color; that the wood is straight and the corners are evenly joined; that the beading surrounds the entire image of the art and the gold color is true gold leaf; and that the canvas transfer has been completed, inspected, approved, numbered and registered during the single original 1994 period set for producing this limited edition. -- Donald Zolan's own story about his new canvas Transfer "Easter Morning". I love Easter because it means new beginnings—spring in the fullest sense of the word. The boy in "Easter Morning" is bending over one flower very carefully so he doesn't hurt it. I wanted to show how children instinctively respond to beauty and move toward it carefully, wanting to be close, and a little bit awed at the same time. I've never used so many pastel colors before. I used almost a dozen just of the lavenders. I kept thinking of the wonderful colors I used to get when I dyed Easter eggs, and dipped my brushes in my memories. The lavender hues in the boy's clothes make him look almost as much a part of the garden as the flowers, grass and misty early-morning air. Easter morning is the time for little children to explore the garden for surprises, and that's just what is happening here. This little boy has discovered a flower bed full of bright colors and sweet scents and he's come to a complete halt in front of it all. It's hard to imagine a more beautiful moment for him. --- This is a framed miniature canvas transfer numbered 1322A issured for the Zolan Society members only 1994. Colector price $49.95 Size 8.5 by 6.5 inches. Canvas Transfer
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