HoBo Joe Series -- -Do Not Disturb- by Ron Lee. (LG)

HoBo Joe Series -- -Do Not Disturb- by Ron Lee. Second Edition of the series. Limited to 10,000 plates. Sanctioned by the World of Clowns. Royal Manor Porcelain, Trimmed in genuine 24 karat gold. Plate size approx 10.5 inches. Suggested Retail $80.00

Perhaps, in the last several years, you have become aware of the Ron Lee sculptures that have captivated the attention of collectors of fine artifacts all over the world. His work
has been particularly appealing to those who are influenced by the charm and whimsical personality of the -clown- which he captures so expertly in all his figurines. These sculptures can be found in many fine jewelry stores, gift shops and art showplaces around the world.

Born in California, in the year 1947, raised and educated in that state, Ron Lee is a product of an artistic family. His talents encompass many fields of creative designing. At home in his studio, his ideas originate from his fertile mind, and are diligently transferred to either the exciting and brilliant -collector plates,- or the highly successful clown sculptures that have grown so rapidly throughout the years. The clamor for these realistic figurines has kept Ron designing day and night to feed the constant demand for more. The sculptures are made from a fine metal, 24K gold plated, and are all individually hand painted.

The collector plates are made from fine porcelain, 24K Gold Rimmed, Certified, signed, numbered and are all limited editions. These plates depict in exacting detail the capriciousness of clowns and the world they live in.

A graduate of a California art school, Ron has won many scholarships and attained much public acclaim. He has owned his own business while designing for major companies for
many years. Married and the father of four children, his work graces the homes of discerning art collectors, including famous celebrities of the art and entertainment
fields. To own a Ron Lee creation is to have a lasting memorabilia of one of the world's most renowned artists.

HoBo Joe Series -- -Do Not Disturb- by Ron Lee.       (LG)
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