Parade into Toyland - Christmas 1980 by Hummel.

Schmid - Christmas 1980 by Hummel. Tenth Limited Edition. Plate size approx 7.75 inches. Suggested retail $50.00

Two childlike angels journey into a magical toy kingdom where wagons full of Christmas treats abound .

The Art of
Sister Berta. Hummel

Only Schmid cooperates directly with the Hummel family to present to you a truly unique collection of plates, bells and cups depicting the wondrous art of Sister Berta Hummel which she gave to her family.

Symbols of religion and folklore are combined with sensitive insight and humor. And the fine porcelain and rich coloring of these Schmid collectibles exquisitely portray the spirit of Sister Berta Hummers work.
Sister Berta Hummel grew up in a simple Bavarian mountain village, and won her father's permission to study art in Munich at age 18.

She became a prolific artist even before becoming a nun. And her sensitive and delicate sketches were often presented to family or friends as holiday gifts. They are full of personal messages and childhood memories.

The beauty and simple stories of her art have been an inspiration for over 50 years. And for the last decade, it has been a tradition in many homes to celebrate special holidays with the purchase of a beautiful plate, bell or cup from Schmid. We are proud to introduce you to this prestigious tradition.

Parade into Toyland  - Christmas 1980 by Hummel.
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